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Meursault Vieilles Vignes

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 Meursault Vieilles Vignes:

   Assemblage de six parcelles différentes le Meursault "village" du domaine est issu d'une sélection de vieilles vignes ayant plus de 45 ans. Les six parcelles forment un ensemble de plus de deux hectares  avec des parcelles situées tout autour du village. Certaines vignes sont en coteau - Vireuils et Meix Chavaux - et  apportent fraîcheur et tension, d'autres en pieds de coteau juste sous les premiers crus, marquent fortement le vin en leur apportant du corps - Marcausses, Vignes Blanches et Pellans - alors que la parcelle de Millerands qui repose sur des graviers confère à l'ensemble une réelle finesse.

   Le Meursault Vieilles vignes du domaine est toujours très concentré et requière quelques années de maturation sous verre avant de se livrer pleinement. Il est vinifié et  élevé exclusivement en fûts de 228 litres, dont 20 % environ sont neufs. C'est également un excellent vin à déguster à l'apéritif ou sur des fruits de mer.


Caractéristiques techniques:

  •   Densité de plantation: 11.000 pieds par hectare
  •   Vignes de 45 à 90 ans
  •   Culture organique
  •   Taille: 1/3 en cordon de Royat et 2/3 en Guyot simple
  •   Double ébourgeonnage de printemps
  •   Labour intégral des sols
  •   Rendements : 30 à 50 hl par hectare
  •   Vendanges manuelles avec tri des raisins sur table dans la parcelle
  •   Pressurage pneumatique
  •   Débourbage statique
  •   Vinification et Elevage en fûts  avec 20% de bois neufs
  •   Mise en bouteille sans collage et sans filtration
  • Durée de l'élevage: 17 mois

Commentaires de dégustation de Allen Meadows de

Tous les ans depuis 15 ans entre 88 et 90 sur 100:


Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2018: A more restrained nose is even fresher with its other similar aromas that precede the nicely concentrated, round and seductively textured medium-bodied flavors that terminate in a bitter lemon-suffused finish. This is perhaps not quite as delineated as it usually is but it is certainly delicious. Score 88

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2017:Notes of hazelnut, pear compote, acacia blossom and tangerine peel introduce gorgeously textured medium weight flavors that possess a highly seductive mouth feel before culminating in a notably fine, complex and impeccably well-balanced finale. This is a refined and pure Meursault villages that should drink well both young and with a few years of cellaring. Score 90

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2016: A hint of matchstick sits atop the aromas of hazelnut, pear and acacia blossom. The vibrant, intense and admirably dense flavors possess excellent complexity as well as impressive length on the balanced and agreeably dry finale. This offers first-rate quality for a villages level Meursault plus it should age very well. Score 90

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2015:A smoky nose consists of petrol, apple and pear notes that are trimmed in subtle wood nuances. There is fine density to the mouth coating and vibrant medium-bodied flavors that deliver outstanding length for a villages level wine. This is at once seductive yet serious and offers terrific quality for its level. Score 90

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2014: Very mild reduction doesn't completely mask the citrus, floral and white-fleshed fruit aromas. There is fine intensity to the well-detailed and impressively concentrated middle weight flavors that evidence plenty of stone influence on the attractively lingering and balanced finish where a hint of bitter lemon arises. This is a powerful, indeed even old school Meursault villages that is going to need at least a few years of bottle age. Recommended provided that you have the patience to wait. Score 89

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2013: A beautifully fresh, cool and bright nose features aromas of white flowers, pear, apple, tea and toasted almond. There is both fine intensity and excellent richness to the delicious flavors where the old vines are very much in evidence thanks to the abundant dry extract. This tension-filled effort will need a few years to better develop the underlying depth but the material seems more than sufficient to allow this to occur. Recommended if you have the patience to wait a few years. Score 89

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2012:Here the nose is actually similar to that of the Bourgogne though in this case there is enough yellow orchard fruit character present to remark upon. There is excellent volume and mid-palate concentration to the extract-rich, lush, indeed even opulent medium-bodied flavors that possess an unctuous mouth feel, all wrapped in a balanced and lingering finish. This is a big Meursault villages that manages to keep everything in proportion and as such should drink well young if desired. Score 88

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2011: A ripe but cool nose features notes of pear, white peach, citrus and hazelnut. There is good cut and vibrancy to the delicious and solidly well-concentrated middle weight flavors that terminate in a very crisp, dry, detailed and lingering finish. The old vines are very much in evidence and this is one to definitely consider. Score 89

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2010: A cool, pure and unusually elegant nose of hazelnut, pear and acacia blossom gives way to rich and mouth coating flavors that are blessed with ample amounts of dry extract before culminating in a wonderfully intense and tension-filled finish. There is presently some austerity but it's not aggressive. Lovely and this too is worth your consideration. Score 89

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2009: A ripe yet airy, cool and citrusy nose that also features aromas of pear and hazelnut gives way to rich, concentrated and velvet-textured medium-bodied flavors that possess an opulent but not heavy mouth feel, all wrapped in a vibrant, dry and impressively persistent finish. An excellent villages. Score 90

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2008: A classic Meursault nose of hazelnut, ripe orchard fruit and citrus rind aromas lead to rich and impressively concentrated flavors that possess good power for a villages level wine before culminating in a textured, agreeably dry and sappy finish. This is a big villages and will need a few years to mature. Score 89

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2007: A ripe and very Meursault nose features notes of honeysuckle, hazelnut and fresh citrus that continues onto the rich and relatively full-bodied flavors that retain a fine sense of underlying detail and solid acid support, all wrapped in a balanced, energetic and perfumed finish. Lovely. Score 88

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2006: An expressive ripe orchard fruit nose nuanced with hints of brown butter and roasted nuts introduce rich, full and sweet flavors that also possess good volume and plenty of intensity on the relatively fine finale. Lovely and very Meursault in character - plus this will age well. Score 88

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2005: Moderate reduction renders the nose difficult to evaluate but the flavor profile is big, rich, sweet, intense and impressively complex with lovely balance and punch coming through on the very dry and persistent finish. Outstanding potential quality at this level and worth a close look. Score 88-90

Meursault Vieilles Vignes 2004: In contrast to the exuberance of the Aligoté, this is aromatically tight and reserved, revealing only hints of hazelnut and green fruit that are followed by precise, pure and intense middle weight flavors that culminate in an explosive and persistent finish. This is not particularly complex at the moment but if it adds depth with time in bottle, my score may be seen as unduly conservative. Score 88


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